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  1. Ticia
    Ticia at |

    These are cool, thanks for sharing them.

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  2. Joyful Learner
    Joyful Learner at |

    These are great! Thanks!

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  3. Discovering Montesso
    Discovering Montesso at |

    You did a fantastic job with these! I will be putting these on the shelf. I bet some art will be inspired. Thank you so much.

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  4. Raising a Happy Chil
    Raising a Happy Chil at |

    Thanks for sharing your efforts!

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  5. Lori
    Lori at |

    Thank you so much for sharing these! I'm looking forward to sharing them with JR. I posted the veterinary imaginative play items you were asking about here:http://mymontessorimoments.wordpress.com/2011/01/19/veterinarians-at-play/

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  6. Churumbea
    Churumbea at |

    I follow you a long time ago, but this is my first comment, i want to thank you because you inspired me a lot of the activities a made for my daughter. The cards are so cute, and so educational too, a perfect combination! 🙂

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  7. Kylie
    Kylie at |

    Thanks for sharing. I printed them to save for later. I have a non-related question; what chores do you have J-Jo help with? My son is his age, but mostly he only "helps" with laundry and dishes.

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