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  1. Polly
    Polly at |

    My 18 month old is like that with learning activities…some she's really into and HAS to be involved…and others…just not interested. It's been nice doing it with my 3 year old. That way one of them is always interested and the baby can join in if she wants.

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  2. April
    April at |

    My daughter has always been interested in art too, I wonder if my son will be any different? Those are really sweet pictures, I miss my daughter being that age.

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  3. Joyful Learner
    Joyful Learner at |

    Your slide reminded me when JC first started going down the slide by herself. It was so exciting to watch her do it over and over again! All the smiles and laughter she had with the slide!

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  4. MON
    MON at |

    Thanks for stopping in for a visit.

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  5. Pinay Homeschooler
    Pinay Homeschooler at |

    Hi Julie! I was skimming through your tot school posts as I needed some simple and on the go activities for my soon to be toddler. I can see in your posts that you have a rainbow stacking toy. They seem to be popular. Are they worth-it? They are so pricey in Amazon UK (the extra large one) so I wonder if kids are into them. Thanks!

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