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  1. Whispered Abundance
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    Congrats on your new blog design! I love the color choices. I've been a long time "reader" on an rss feed, but not very good a commenting. I'm trying to do better in this area, so here I am leaving a comment :)

    Loving on my little people!

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  2. Vila
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    Just a quick note in case it's at all helpful – your blog redesign is beautiful and very inviting, but I've been finding it hard to keep track of which post is the newest, the second-newest, and so forth. I know it often doesn't matter anyway, but for example in the five-day poetry series, it took a bit of thinking to figure out which order to click on the posts. I'm really enjoying both the new look and the wonderful new content, so this is only a small note in case you're looking for feedback – I don't at all mean it as a criticism!

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