What Bear is Reading

Gifts is a book we have been enjoying since Bear was about 15 months. I had put it away for a while, but we have been reading it again lately. It is a wonderful story of a grandma who goes a travelling and asks her granddaughter what she would have her bring.  The story rhymes lyrically and flows without missing a beat.  As the story progresses, the little girl grows up.  The little girl, now grown up, ends the book by saying to her own child, “My gran had such a wonderful time, that now we are going, too. And everything she gave to me, I’m going to give to you.”
The story is beautifully illustrated with Barbara Reid’s award winning Plasticene art.  Bear and I love to gaze at all the details in the illustrations.
I love the story even more now as we head into the new year and our geography “work”. There’s a map of the world on both inside covers with pins stuck in the places where the grandma went a travelling.  The illustrations depict each location wonderfully.

I highly recommend this book.

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