Here are two examples of Bear’s lunches. Her nap is tending to fall right at midday so sometimes for lunch she has a snack at 11 and another at 2 and skips lunch altogether. Snacks include fruit smoothies, plain yogurt with fruit, cheese and crackers. On the days she misses “lunch” I pack her plate with vegetables at dinner. Bear isn’t keen on veggies right now. She even went on a broccoli strike for a few months (broccoli had been her favorite in the past). I think she doesn’t like a lot of textures. I puree her veggies a lot and use them as sauce for noodles – she can’t get enough noodles and willingly gobbles up a mix of vegetables this way.

Avocado (she can eat a whole half and still want more!), homemade pancakes (whole wheat flour and pureed veggies and sweet potato are in that pancake), rice with the liquid from black beans (she won’t eat the actual beans anymore – texture issue), cantaloupe, and water.

Mango, broccoli, steamed sweet potato fries (she only ate a bit of these), corn, rice with beets (she picked the beets out).

I recently found a great blog Weelicious full of toddler friendly recipes. I have tried her Chicken on a stick (though I didn’t bother with the sticks) and her Split Pea Soup (used chicken stock instead of a ham hock) and was happy with both results. Bear loved both. Worth a look.

Written by Julie Cerdas
I'm a stay-at-home Catholic mom who loves playing with and teaching my two children.