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  1. Joyful Learner
    Joyful Learner at |

    I love the large white board! We have several smaller ones but one day I would love a large one!

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  2. Cherine M
    Cherine M at |

    This is wonderful!!

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  3. Ticia
    Ticia at |

    White boards are wonderful.

    We have a table that is covered in a white board, it’s great.

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  4. Stefanie
    Stefanie at |

    Love them! I’m hoping that I’ll have the wall space to hang one in our new house. I’ll have to contain my shopping for book shelves next time I go to Ikea. lol

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  5. Alycia in Va.
    Alycia in Va. at |

    There are a number of ipad apps that are similar to AAS that my students and daughter likes to use. I also find manipulating the tiles to be cumbersome at times.

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  6. Joyful Learner
    Joyful Learner at |

    Do you mind sharing the names of the apps?

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