Do you have a planner yet for the school year?  I just got Jolanthe’s planner at Homeschool Creations.
I am having a great time filling it all in when I find a moment to sit.  I love that I can go back and edit it and re-use it year after year.  I’m hoping to be finished with most of the writing of the plans by the end of the month.  We’ve already started school, but I’m trying to become more organized.

The Planner is ON SALE!  But just for today.  So if you need a planner, today’s the day you can save $8 and get the planner for $12 instead of $20.  Just use the code BACK2SCHOOL at checkout.  And if you love her planner like I do, she even has an affiliate program.

(Disclaimer – the links to Jolanthe’s planner in my post are affiliate links.  I plan to do a more thorough review of the planner, which she graciously gave me to use but wanted to share the sale that is going on now.  The opinions expressed are my own.  Please note, if you are not an on the screen person, you can still print out her planner and write everything in in pencil or pen.)