A Week of Ambleside Online

Monday is a short day. The kids have an extra curricular program for history and fine arts that takes up most of the day, giving us a very short time for school in the morning.

We do not have set getting up times. Sometimes the pregnancy makes me very lightheaded in the morning and the best thing to do is lay in bed longer, and sometimes, the leg and foot cramps are so bad, I have to get out of bed to make them better. This particular morning nothing was amiss and I got up earlier. The kids tend to sleep in until 8 or 8:30 am (and even sometimes 9:00!), but J-jo sometimes gets up earlier – this was one of those mornings when he was up earlier.

The kids have to have their beds made, teeth brushed, faces washed, pajamas away, clothes on, and prayers said before coming down for breakfast. I usually shower and get dressed after breakfast to give them some free time before we start school.

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Today Bear took a long time to come downstairs so I started school with J after my shower. He does math, spelling, and copywork daily. He joins in for the majority of the year 2 readings but next year will do his own year 1. Today he requested grammar – very rare occurrence, since I decided, as per Charlotte Mason, that grammar is not necessary in the early years. However, since he requested it, I got out the First Language Lessons (FLL) book I used once upon a time with Bear, which I started with him in the fall.

J-jo and I did FLL and spelling while snuggling on the couch. For spelling, we use All About Spelling in conjunction with a wonderful app my husband built me. J-jo neither cares to write very much nor use the All About Spelling tiles but he loves to use the iPad. I couldn’t find an app exactly like I wanted, so I asked my husband to create something. You can see the app in action below. The good news is that it’s available at the app store, so you can all use it, too.

Bear came down for her breakfast. I read our Bible while she ate. J-jo had a snack. After teeth got brushed, they both did copywork. Bear uses Pentime Cursive, and J-jo does the copywork from Writing With Ease. He likes this program, so I kept it.

J-jo wasn’t quite done copywork so Bear did EFRU (English from the Roots Up).

From 9:30 to about 10:00, I read aloud from Saint Anthony and the Christ Child, and we read our daily poetry (Christina Rossetti this term). The chapter from our saint book was quite long. I use various saint books to replace Trial and Triumph.

Then we went outside for math. It was 10:00 at this point and beautiful out. We had about 45 minutes left. I had to juggle both lessons and I hadn’t photocopied the worksheet portions of either of their Rightstart Lessons (level B for J-jo and E for Bear) so I had to improvise on our little whiteboards. It made both their lessons take a bit longer, but they swung on the swings and dug in the dirt while waiting their turns. See, I am not always organized and now you all know that truth.

It was time to go. Fortunately, the previous evening, I had been organized in the making of our snacks and lunches for our extra curricular program, so we brushed our teeth, got our shoes on and left the house. We used our time in the car to listen to half of a chapter of Robin Hood (an AO Year 2 literature title for term 3).

Piano practice got done after dinner. One bathed while the other practiced piano. We prayed the Saint Joseph novena and other family prayers, read half a chapter of The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (our current bedtime read aloud), and then the kids were in bed by 8:00pm.