Week of AO Tuesday

Whew. It is 1:40pm. I am completely drained. Probably because I have chosen to blog about my week, today was full of contrary children who opposed me at every turn (It will end up that this week becomes an atypical week full of outdoor play and playdates!). Welcome to the whole picture of homeschooling and if it happens to be all peaches in your home every day, just please keep me ignorant!

I couldn’t sleep last night.  A tired Mommy, who finally crashed on the couch at 3:30 am, to be woken at 8:30 am, doesn’t usually help the day.

School started at 9:30. They both did copywork. Bear did EFRU. Unfortunately, both children were quite grumbly, and it wore me out. Thankfully, my husband had most of the day off today so he was around to help.

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We read our Bible, prayed, read a story from the Angel Food Readers about how we can be good eggs and bad eggs. This story must have hit home with my son, because after the story he did the rest of the school day without complaining. We did a lesson from the First Communion Catechism and read some of Christina Rossetti’s poems. Bear reviewed some Shakespeare memory work.

Math lessons, spelling using the app. Lunch.

I sang our new Folk Song (Clementine) to them as they ate lunch. We use this book and not the AO list of folk songs. I just choose ones I think they will like from the book.

After lunch, Bear did a written narration for her Sassafras Anatomy book (not an AO book, but one we added in). We don’t use the whole Sassafras curriculum, just the living book. J-jo read to himself from an Usborne What’s Inside You book.

Some friends came over at 2:00pm and the kids played outside most of the rest of the afternoon. After dinner, the kids practiced piano and took baths.

In looking at my checklist at the end of the day, I realize how little of it we have actually gotten to so far. I color some things in yellow I really want to get to tomorrow.

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