week of AO Wednesday

We start school later than I like again – it’s almost 10:00am. We read the Bible, pray, read a Catechism lesson from Our Heavenly Father, do our memory work (poetry, hymn, Bible verse, French nursery songs, and Shakespeare). I am WAY behind on our French again, but get the feeling this week is a write-off.

Bear gets Math, EFRU, and cursive done. She is supposed to work on her map of Seabird, but ends up doing her Latin lesson instead. Latin is supposed to be done 4 times per week, but looks like this crazy-full-of-play-dates-and-sun-filled-days week will limit Latin to one day.

Meanwhile, J-jo and I do math, copywork, and spelling.

Next, I read a chapter of Our Island Story for history. J-jo volunteers to narrate it, even though officially, he isn’t supposed to narrate until next year. I am pretty impressed with how much he retains and comprehends. He loves Our Island Story and never wants to miss me reading it aloud. He gets very attached to certain countries and kings, and he gets pretty upset when history doesn’t pan out the way he would have wanted.

Seabird is also on the schedule, but Bear announces she finished it. She narrates it for me.

We head to the park to meet friends after lunch. We come home in time to eat a snack and drive to choir practice at church. Choir ends at 6:30pm and of course, I did not plan a crockpot dinner so I will have to cook something when we get home. This means the kids will get to bed very late (9:30pm). Piano gets practiced while I am cooking.

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