Do you need something entertaining and easy peasy for teaching Science? I had never heard of (in spite of the awards they have received).  Hence, I was anxious to see what their Amazing Science, Volume 1 would be like. Review
 Amazing Science, Volume 1 did not disappoint!  Amazing Science, Volume 1 is 2 DVDs with a total of 23 experiments, accessed from a menu screen.  Even my husband was enthralled. Review
How we used it:
We watched all the experiments on the first DVD and most of the ones on the second DVD, watching them 3 to 4 times a week.  Each experiment video is about 10-15 minutes long, and Bear and J-jo happily sat through a few experiments per viewing.   Many of the experiments my children could do themselves, with most of the supplies being things we already had at home, which made it easy to recreate the experiments.  There were three or four experiments for which we did not have some of the supplies:  A neodymium magnet, a copper pipe, a 2L soda bottle (we never drink soda), dry ice, a can of soda.  Nevertheless, these supplies would have been easy for me to procure.  The supplies needed are clearly shown at the beginning of each experiment, but I really would have appreciated having a printable list. (You can find one at Kathy’s Cluttered Mind.)

We chose some experiments to recreate, and will likely attempt others as time allows.  Nevertheless, I would have been happy just to have us watch the whole thing and never do an experiment.  It’s that entertaining and you can learn so much science from just watching the DVDs since the explanations are so thorough and well executed.  However, the explanations are more geared for second to fifth grade, than K-1.  Although Bear comprehended a large portion of the scientific explanations, J-jo did not.  He was eager to move on to the next cool “magic trick” as he started called these experiments.  The cloud in a bottle (you can view this science experiment as a sample) especially had a great wow factor for my kids. I had Bear narrate to me each of the explanations to me to see if she was comprehending and she loved to explain the “magic” to her dad.

The video is very captivating.  This is science the kids request to watch.  Jason Gibson, the host, holds degrees in engineering and physics and worked for NASA.  Sometimes, the most knowledgeable people do not make the best teachers, but Jason is engaging and personable, and he explains the science behind each experiment clearly, in an animated manner. He is not dry and boring.     

The presentation aids in understanding and viewing the experiment, as there are various camera views and close-ups, and the steps are well detailed. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Air pressure
  • Chemical reactions/molecular bonding
  • Surface Tension
  • Batteries and Electricity
  • Magnetic Forces
  • States of Matter
  • Heat Conduction and
  • Light

Though we used it as additional science, and did not correlate it to the science we were already doing – we just plowed through all the videos in order – you could choose one experiment each week, watch the DVD, do the experiment with your kids, and spend more time exploring the concept.  Or you could watch the experiments that correspond with what you are studying in your current science curriculum.

What I thought:

What I loved:

  • It’s an easy addition to any science curriculum you already use.  It is a fantastic educational choice for rainy days, sick homeschool days, forgot-to-plan-my-week days, and even days you have everything together.
  • The experiments work! There have been so many other science curricula in which we have had disappointing experiments that failed.  Not so with Amazing Science, Volume 1.
  • The experiments use everyday supplies from around the house or are easy to procure.
  • The kids loved it because it was engaging and the experiments seemed like magic tricks. Science truly is AMAZING!  They enjoyed doing the experiments themselves (though they seemed perfectly content just watching the videos).
  • Safety is emphasized as Jason makes sure to put on safety glasses before every experiment (although, this seemed slightly ridiculous for experiments like lifting an ice cube with a piece of string, or watching colors swirl in milk).

What I didn’t:

  • The explanations were sometimes lengthy.  Jason repeats the key points a few times which can be a good thing, but in our case, made the kids (Jjo is outside the age range of the product and Bear is at the low end) lose interest.  In spite of this, I highly recommend the videos and the kids do too.  It’s just something you may want to be aware of.
  • Jason uses the words “heck” and “darn” a couple of times, so just a heads-up if you are very sensitive to the language your children hear.  The “heck” startled me when I heard it.
  • It would be nice for to provide a supply list on the inside of the DVD case.

This DVD is recommended for elementary aged students.

Bottom Line: We loved it and highly recommend it! It’s perfect for the science phobic mom (or dad).  You can purchase Amazing Science, Volume 1 through for $17.95 (the list price is $24.95, so that is quite a deal). It is also available as a download for $14.99. You can check out the trailer on the Amazing Science page.


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