Artists and Art Linky

I’d like to host a linky every Tuesday (it will stay open all week) called Artists and Art.

The focus will be

1. artist unit studies (“unit study” being a very loose term – it could just be one lesson, one piece of art, etc).  Artists are not limited to the museum kind either.  If you read a book and study the illustrations and do a response project based on the illustrations, then that qualifies (I’m thinking of stART participants and those who do Five in a Row).

2. elements and principles of art – for example if you do a project on line, or shading, or perspective.  Obviously you wouldn’t be limited to just those three.

If you participate in stART at A Mommy’s Adventure and you feel the project applies to this linky as well, you are welcome to link to us too.

Please remember to include a link back to The Adventures of Bear.  And if you want, include the new button in your post (the html code is in the side bar).

Artists and Art

I’ll be posting every Tuesday starting September 14th and keeping the linky open all week.