I love autumn’s colorful leaves against a bright blue sky.  What a wonderful example of contrast in the natural world.  All those bright leaves crunching and crinkling underfoot add a great sensory experience too.
A smooth, freshly fallen leaf feels much different than a dried, not-so-freshly-fallen leaf.
And so began our art lesson on texture.
The inspiration for this project was once again Art projects for Kids.  She has such fantastic art projects.
Bear tried to cut her own paper towel leaves, but alas it was a bit too challenging for her so I ended up doing it.  The rest of the project she completed on her own.
 First she glued the paper towel leaves on the watercolor paper.
 After they had dried (kind of – we weren’t that patient in waiting. lol) she traced around them in oil pastel (normal crayon would work too).  Just make sure you press hard.
 Then she painted the sky with liquid watercolor (I think the hard watercolors would work too).
 She had to be very careful not to get the paint inside the leaves and she was so patient and attentive for this part.
 Next she painted the inside of the leaves to match the outlines.
 It didn’t really matter about the few places where the blue had entered the leaf since real Fall leaves are blotched and mottled.
You can see the texture that the paper towel added.  You can feel it too on the original.

 If you’ve done any art with your child this week based on an artist or illustration style, or taught some of the elements and principles of art, or studied a musician or any other type of artist, please join the Linky.  Please remember to link back or grab the button on the side bar.