I got inspired to try some Andy Warhol art with Bear after browsing the internet.  I started by making her some Andy Warhol art cards so she could get familiar with the art. (You can see the   I read aloud this blurb about him and we read Uncle Andy’s: A Faabbbulous Visit With Andy Warhol.
I couldn’t find any winter/Christmas art ideas I liked, so I took this idea and tweaked it a bit to make it more wintery.  It has occurred to me that I am turning my daughter into another girlwhopaintedtrees as this is probably our fifth or sixth project involving trees.  What can I say – I lived most of my life surrounded by West Coast trees.
First she drew her trees in the four rectangles.

Then we looked at a color wheel and I explained about complementary colors.  I had her choose two different pairs of complementary colors for each rectangle.

She colored inside the tree with the colored pencils.  This was tiring work.  She kept switching between right and left hands.  She likes to press very hard.

 She has a trick of putting her finger along the edge of where she is coloring and that is how she stays in the lines quite well for her age.  She came up with that trick herself.  Where you see she went out over the edge in the purple tree is where she switched to her left hand because her right was tired.
 She used chalk pastel, her favorite medium, to do the background.  This gives a nice dark/light contrast as well as the contrast from the complementary colors.
Her finished work.
If you’ve done any art with your child this week based on an artist or illustration style, or taught some of the elements and principles of art, or studied a musician or any other type of artist, please join the Linky.  Please remember to link back or grab the button on the side bar.