As soon as Bear saw the cat painted by Paul Klee, she wanted to draw cats too.  I picked Paul Klee by chance because the book available at the library seemed accessible to Bear.  Sometimes the books are way over her head.  This one (Paul Klee: Art for Children) wasn’t.  When we read that he painted and drew his cats a lot we went on line to see. We found this painting.
I remembered that I had a picture of this from an old calendar and went to search for it.  We then turned our pantry door into a Paul Klee exhibit.
We discussed the dreamlike quality of his Cat and Bird painting.  I decided we’d use chalk pastels to create that dream like quality in our drawings. I showed Bear the technique of rubbing the chalk.

I found my old “How to Draw Cats” book and Bear worked on drawing a pouncing cat (under the big cat face).  There’s a little ball of yarn below him to the right.
If you’ve done any art with your child this week based on an artist or illustration style, or taught some of the elements and principles of art, or studied a musician or any other type of artist, please join the Linky.  Please remember to link back or grab the button on the side bar.