In looking online for the book we read about Picasso, I found this great artist study site.  I really don’t think most of the Picasso activities would be too successful with Bear at this time; however, they look really fun so I will come back to them in a year or two and try. 

We read When Pigasso and Mootisse and another book whose title eludes me but really showed the distinct styles Picasso went through in developing his art.  It might have been from the adult section of the library. 
For our Picasso project we did cubist faces by cutting out facial features from magazines and then rearranging them on a page to create Picasso like faces.

 My idea of what to do
 Bear’s idea

 Later in the week, Bear was drawing and chatting about how she was in her blue period and that she was only going to use blue and black like Picasso did when he was in his blue period.  Here are her skies done during this conversation.

If you’ve done any art with your child this week based on an artist or illustration style, or taught some of the elements and principles of art, or studied a musician or any other type of artist, please join the Linky.  Please remember to link back or grab the button on the side bar.