While I was on bed rest, I realized I needed an app to do calendar time with J-jo since I couldn’t move our calendar board downstairs to be by the couch where I would be all day.  I commissioned my husband, who is a programmer, to create one for us.  It was fun to create something together and the product was actually something I could use!  The good news is that he has put it in the app store and you can use it, too!

Here are a few screen shots:

The home screen where you can choose the activities.  If you start at calendar, you will be led through all the activities.

The calendar.  After you finish this page, a pattern of shapes is revealed on the dates as you progress through the month and the child has to choose the right shape to continue the pattern starting on day 6 or 7.

My husband surprises me with his ingenuity:)  He came up with a weather machine to make choosing the weather a little more entertaining.  On the next screen, the weather gets recorded on a bar graph.

There are two levels, a preK/K level and a 1st/2nd level. You can create multiple accounts on the app so that if you have more than one child, each can work at his level.  In addition to putting the date on the basic calendar, the app includes patterning, determining the weather for the day and graphing it via a bar graph, finding temperature, choosing the right amount of coins for the day of the month, looking at place value for the number of days you have used the app, and telling time.

Here is a video of J-jo using the app.

You can get it at the app store: