It’s been a while since I last did one of these posts.  I think I am missing some weeks for the 2nd quarter.  Maybe one of these days I will get around to updating it.  Meanwhile, here starts the plans for the third quarter of CC.

Week 13:

History: The Kush along the Nile River

The Story of the World Volume 1 Chapter 12 talks about the Kush, who were once Nubians, until Egypt invaded Nubia and renamed the Nubians. We read this so long ago that we will read the back of the timeline card during week 13 to refresh our memories.

Geography: Western Africa
I don’t usually do extra stuff for Geography, aside from having Bear trace the maps or do Montessori puzzle maps (her current self-decided goal is to memorize all the countries in Asia), but I thought we might learn about one of the biomes of the world this week since the Sahara Desert is part of the memory work.  Montessori Print Shop has some wonderful cards for learning about the biomes and also has desert animal cards.  There’s a nice map of the world’s deserts here.  Currclick has a Deserts of the World pdf (for 75 cents right now) as well, which I like because it has pictures and information of each of the deserts of the world, although this website has fantastic pictures of the deserts as well. This pinterest board (not mine) is very helpful too.

English: Helping Verbs 

See this post for our plans and resources for Helping Verbs.

Math: Liquid Equivalents

We will be doing a Gallon Man in class and at home.  I found a cute little story called Land of Liquid Measurements to help us remember the equivalents.

Science:  parts of the Earth

We’ll be using Montessori Print Shop materials this week.  Jennifer has beautiful parts of the Earth three part cards and a Parts of the Earth book.  Bear loves making her own books and these cards always inspire her to create her own.  J-jo likes to play Memory with them.

Latin: Noun Cases

Although I made a fancy chart with velcro dots, Bear prefers to just sing the song.  A friend had a brilliant idea to put the noun cases to the tune of Oh My Darling Clementine.  This has helped tremendously with memorizing the noun cases.

Nominative – subject, genitive – possesive, daaaative – indirect object, accusative – direct object, ablative – object of the preposition (I purposely spelling dative like that to show the drawn out note in the song).

It’s easy to overload ourselves with things to do to go with the CC memory work and I have to remember to keep it simple.  This will be plenty to keep us busy (in addition to our regular school work) in our first week back at CC after Christmas.