Karen at Wisdom and Righteousness has again made her superb lapbooks to go along with Classical Conversations Cycle 2.  You can see my review here for the Cycle 1 lapbooks.

These lapbooks allow your children to write out their memory work and review it in a more visual and interactive way.  This year, there is an option to make the lapbook into a binder.  This is the option we will go with.  It forms a nice keepsake at the end of the year. There are 4 lapbooks – one for each 6 week portion of CC.

Here is a photo montage from her site to give you an idea of what it can look like.

Karen provides layout suggestions and there are clear recommendations for which pages to print on cardstock or color.  I always just print everything out on regular paper, but the color does make it much more appealing.

Every year, Karen makes adjustments to her lapbooks based on feedback from parents who are using them. She works hard to make sure there are slight differences in how the memory work gets “displayed” in the lapbook so that students can have a variety from year to year.  This year, her way to practice the skip counting is quite innovative, but the one thing I wish is that last year’s (to just write out the times tables) had still been included as an option.  The Science Memory work is full of beautiful photographs (for the biomes) and in some instances clipart.  I love the addition of the artist minibook, featuring art from each artist studied in the 3rd quarter.  There’s also scripture memory copy work and a timeline.  Karen has thought of everything.

We’re doing a modified version of the memory work at home, but I still plan to print out most of this great resource. Specifically, we’re using the Latin, Geography, Science, artists and music.  It’s great for warm up to the day and for hands-on interactive review.

Now you can win your own copy of the lapbooks for Cycle 2.

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