Outside My Window:
The most beautiful moon.  I love a big full moon. I wish I could have taken a picture of it, but I was driving.  Low in the dusky sky, it seemed bigger and more magnificent than ever.

I am Thankful for:
God’s amazing creation.  Being out in nature fills my spirit because every little detail is from God. The way the sun streams through the leaves in the forest, the way the grass turns yellow in the winter, everything.

I am Pondering:
My lesson plans for the second half of the school year. I’ve been reevaluating what we’re doing and really enjoying the laid-back schedule and would like to maintain the lower-stress atmosphere in the new year.

In the Schoolroom:

Some fun math.

We are trying something new this week and doing a trial run of Heart of Dakota Preparing Hearts for His Glory.  I had bought this curriculum thinking I would use it in the fall, but it wasn’t the right timing, what with being on bedrest, then having everything else happen, so we kept with the status quo.  However, after much prayer about it, I feel like we need to give it another shot.  As is my usual style, however, I am modifying it somewhat and including J-jo in the history and science readings.  If after a week of it we don’t prefer it, I will know to finally sell it.

From the Kitchen:
I am inspired by Don’t Waste the Crumbs to completely lower our grocery budget. I am aiming for $50 per week for the next three weeks. I’ve managed to keep it at $45 for the coming week, but I am having to be very creative with meals. For example, Bear requested barley porridge for breakfast because she heard me mention that we were out of rice and pasta but that I had two bags of barley in the pantry. Who knew that barley porridge would taste as delicious as rice pudding? It’s exhausting to come up with meals that require nothing but what is already in the fridge or pantry though, especially when starting with depleted staples. We have one egg left and that has to suffice until Saturday’s Costco run. This is where the exhausting comes in. I also want to try 6 weeks of gluten free and dairy free to see if it helps a certain little man’s behavior, but not up to that extra challenge just yet.  Any advice from those that eat GF and DF?  Also, any thoughts as to where I might purchase eggs that are not from chickens that have been fed soy?  I know that I need to find a farm, but any luck in a store?

In the home:
We put up our Christmas tree over the weekend and Bear and I had a nice bonding time decorating it.

I am Creating:
Nothing.  Isn’t that sad.  I don’t like this “I am Creating” heading.  Every time I come to it, I feel a bit despondent.  I create blog posts, dinners, and lesson plans, and that is about it! I do need to paint two shepherds from the Advent Spiral, but never seem to be inspired to do so.

I am Reading:
Still reading In This House of Brede.  I have advanced exactly 3 chapters in a week.  I’ve picked up some C.S. Lewis works, but haven’t been motivated to read those either!

I am listening to:
Song School Latin with the kids.  We’re in the second book and the kids still really enjoy it. I like that the second book has stepped it up a notch and included verb endings.  It actually corresponds well to Classical Conversations Cycle 2 Latin memory work.

I am struggling:
With a little boy who gets angry very easily.

The Saint Andrew Novena and asking for a very special blessing.  I am also praying that the health insurance would accept our appeal and pay what it should.  Praying for the grace to not be bitter about companies that seem to find every possible loophole to avoid paying what they are supposed to. Praising God for an accommodating perinatologist who will write us a letter to attach to our appeal.

Clicking Around:
Master Artist Ideas on Pinterest – can’t wait to try some of the ideas that have been pinned here!

Plans for the week:
Well, the week is halfway through already.  I can’t believe that Christmas is a week away.  The kids are very excited, but we are still schooling until the end of the week.

A picture:

Dont’ Want to Forget:
J-jo is forever telling me he is hungry and my usual response is, “But you just ate!”  His reply is, “But Mommy, haven’t I told you a thousand times that I am a hungry boy!”

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