Outside My Window:
Snow! A rare treat. The kids had so much fun playing out there while I stayed inside supervising from the window.  I don’t like snow.  I don’t like cold.  I wish we were in Costa Rica right now enjoying beaches and warmth.  However, snow is beautiful and my children’s pure delight in being able to play in snow was great and I was thankful to be part of that.  To be part of the joys of everyday life.

Clicking around:
This new-to-me blog about dealing with the grief of losing children. I had a really bad January with regards to grief, but a great talk with a dear friend today has been a huge blessing and I feel a great weight lifted.

In the schoolroom:
J-jo is trying to read everything and anything he can place his hands on.  He can comfortably read Little Bear (affil. link) or Frog and Toad (affil. link) or those such books, but I love his enthusiasm as he sits there with a huge pile and tries to read each book.

By the way, if you don’t feel like (or just can’t) spend the money on All About Reading to get your child to read, there are wonderful free, or nearly-free resources out there.  Teaching Reading With Bob Books is gimmick-free, simple and only requires the Bob books.

I’ve been contemplating what to do for next year’s curriculum, specifically for writing.  I’m looking forward to reading more of Brandy’s series on writing, as it may give me more wisdom about it.  I feel like Bear has outgrown Writing With Ease.  She’s halfway through Book 2 but it is too easy for her.  She does the summaries without the questions and does the copywork as a cold dictation.  I have WWE3 and it’s just more of the same and doesn’t really get any harder than what we’ve already altered WWE2 to be.  I have been reading Chelli’s scope and sequence for writing. For third grade, Chelli includes:

  • Teach and practice paragraph construction: Teach the basic paragraph construction of main idea with supporting sentences, and write one paragraph every couple of weeks on a topic or book.
  • Focus on writing strong sentences: This is the theme of the year. Every sentence should include strong word choice and vocabulary. At the beginning of the year this will be modeled through writing workshops with me. By the end of the year, it should be done independently. Strong sentences should be reflected in the paragraph that is written every two weeks.

From the kitchen:

I have a basic scone recipe that I adapt.  I add Parmesan and chopped spinach as a variation all the time and the kids love it, so today I tried to alter that since I was out of spinach and the snow meant no quick trip to the store.  My husband and I loved the red pepper and zucchini variation.  The kids on the other hand vehemently agreed the spinach version was better.

On My Nightstand:
Still in the process of reading Ten Ways to Destroy the Imagination of Your Child (affil. link) and Desiring the Kingdom.  I love the first and am only forcing myself to read the second.  Ten Ways is hard to put down.  I just want to keep reading it and end up going to sleep too late.

In the Works:
I found joy a bit difficult this month as the grief settled in again like an unwelcome friend. I’m writing a post on finding joy in the small things to help me refocus.