Picture Book:

I was so excited to find The Noisy Paint Box as the picture book for Kandinsky. When I did my student teaching practicum in a sixth grade classroom, I did a unit on Kandinsky and I wish I had had that book then! It tells the life of Vasily Kandinsky, one of the first painters of abstract art. I find it interesting that he experienced colors as sounds. The illustrations for the book are imaginative and keep the book from feeling like a biography.

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Go Along Art Project:

A Study in Lines is the lesson we did when Bear was younger. This is a lesson for ALL ages, though.
Color hues, based on this painting:
Wassily-Kandinsky-Colour-Study-15685and the ever-so popular concentric circles, which we still have framed on our wall.

Corresponding Literature:

Kandinsky is from Russia, and I have lots of resources for Russia at this link. There is a great photo list of our favorite books set in Russia in that post. I hope you’ll check it out.
winter olympics russia

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