Fall Montessori Work

Here’s what has been on our shelves the past couple of weeks for practical life and sensorial.

Sorting leaves
 Tweezing spiders.
  This evolved into tweezing spiders onto a pencil stuck in styrofoam

 Beads on a pipecleaner.
 Transferring acorns with tongs.
 A Fall sensory box with all the extra Fall manipulatives that weren’t out.  I placed a sorting tray next to it and tweezers and tongs and two little jugs for pouring the erasers if wanted.
 From last year (inspired by My Montessori Journey) – a leaf button snake.  Just cut a small slit into those silk leaves.
J-jo found his homemade toys from when he was still under two.  Look at that concentration!
 Instead of pompoms (although I do have Fall colored ones) I gave him acorns to push into the hole.
 And then I challenged him to use tongs!
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