Featured Artist Shelf

Here is our artist/composer focus shelf.  The lighting isn’t great because I took the photo at night, but usually there is a lot of light from the window here.  The artist for the month is Georgia O’Keeffe.  I hope that this set-up will encourage the creation of a lot of art.  The larger piece of art serves as a springboard for ideas, with the smaller three part cards (the ones in the photo are from the free Montessori Print Shop materials) providing more images from the artist to stir up artistic endeavors.
I will rotate out art material here too.  This week the watercolor discs are here, but next week I will add our oil pastels with the watercolors.  I prefer the liquid watercolors, but didn’t feel comfortable leaving them out in a carpeted room.  All our art supplies are always available for Bear and J-jo to use as they want, but I think this new layout is more encouraging.
In the morning, I found the kids like this:
 Bear had set up everything the way I have presented in the past.

The source of inspiration seemed to direct her art, as she is painting flowers.

After two weeks, I will replace the artist with the composer we are “studying.”  At this point, I just want them to enjoy music and be exposed to a variety of composers.
For our composer, I will have a framed photo of the composer, my tablet loaded with music from the composer, and some silk scarves for dancing to the music, or soft instruments to play as we listen to the selections.
 Dancing to Stravinsky’s The Firebird Suite.
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