I am so behind in my Five in a Row posts.  I haven’t even taken the photos off my camera for a month!  This is usually something I do weekly. 

Mirette on the High Wire is a wonderful story of a little girl so determined to walk on the high wire after seeing Bellini do so.  She tries over and over again until she is able to do it.  I love the message to persevere.

 We did a circus theme to go with the story.
I used resources from 
Homeschool Share
All of a Kind Family (copywork sheet)
Homeschool Creations Circus Preschool Pack (I only used the prewriting skills section)
Enchanted Learning (the French circus book)

 I unfortunately did not source the printable preschool pack shown in part below (Circus Snacks, Balloon Patterns). It came with a circus poem too. If anyone stumbles across it (I’ve been looking for 30 minutes and am tired of it…sigh) I’d appreciate the link. edited: The pack came from Homeschool Share. Thank you, Jessica!

We made circus themed snacks.
 Monkey face sandwich
 Clown icecream
 Played carnival games.
Ping pong ball into cups.
 Knock down the tower.
 Leaping through hoop of flames.
 I even found a clown wig at WM after Halloween for $1.  
You can see my pinterest board for more carnival and circus ideas.
Delightful Learning, as usual, was a wonderful source of inspiration.