Unless doing Classical Conversations or American History with your child, this post is very long and may not be of too much interest.

I need plans.  I feel disorganized. I really just wanted to find an already made curriculum that fit for us, but haven’t had any luck.  Not much is geared for such a young audience that follows this specific Classical Conversation Cycle 3 timeline. I figure if I write my plans here, I can access them more quickly and from anywhere, and I can help anyone else with 4 to 6 year olds going through Classical Conversations. I didn’t want that many hands-on activities anyway.  We’re not ready to do written narrations, or worksheets/lapbooks of any kind.  We truly don’t have enough time to do all I want to do and mostly, Bear retains exceptionally well when she hears stories of people and when she reads herself the books.  Thus, many of the books listed are level 3 and 4 readers because Bear is already comfortably reading these and I am able to start transitioning her to reading for information.  I still read these aloud to her, but often I find her rereading the stories to herself.  We’ll be going through Cycle 3 again when Bear is 7 and 10 so she will get many chances to go deeper with American History and use more literary works.  We read plenty of good literature about early US history.  I am just finding it much harder to find such works that are suitable for a 4 year old for more modern US history.

I started going through the library catalog and seeing which books on my list were available there. You’ll see my note to myself (library) next to some books, but I haven’t gone through all of them.  Honestly, at this time, I feel just buying them, though it is spending money, would allow me to slip the books into a file folder system to allow me to be even more organized this second semester.  I felt completely disorganized and not prepared all through the Fall.  Anything that helps me be more organized is money well-spent.  Also, the books would serve me three more times through the cycles as stepping stones to more challenging and meaty books.  Still not completely decided. 

January 9th Week 13: Tell Me about the 14th Amendment (week 12 was about the end of the Civil War so we’ve already read plenty about slavery.  I want to focus more on life of the African Americans after the war and before the Civil Rights movement.)

January 16th Week 14: Tell me about tycoons like Vanderbilt

January 23rd Week 15: Tell me about Theodore Roosevelt

January 30th Week 16 Tell me about immigrants coming to America

February 6th Week 17: Tell me about President Wilson (World War 1)
Not really seeing much for World War 1.  The book I have is more of an after the war one about the Depression.  If anyone has ideas, I’d appreciate it in a comment! Thanks.

February 13th Week 18: Tell me about Pearl Harbor (World War 2)
I will have to preview these books.  I want to shelter Bear from the horror of war.  I searched on Amazon for titles that seemed to talk about what happened in a gentle way. There’s no way I can know for certain without reading them first. If anyone has read these and thinks I shouldn’t read them to Bear, please let me know.

Always Remember Me
One Splendid Tree
One Thousand Paper Cranes
I will Come Back for You
(This last one seems quite appropriate as it is listed for ages 5 and up and the preview I could read seemed gentle.)

February 20th Week 19: Tell me about NATO
??? Mmmm. Communism for a 4 year old?  Anyone?

February 27th Week 20: Tell Me about Brown v. Board of Education

Week 21: Tell me about U.S. Astronauts

Week 22: Tell me about September 11, 2001

Week 23: Tell me the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution

Week 24: Tell me the Bill of Rights
Now exhausted from gathering all this information in one sitting.  Plan on finding appropriate book about the branches of government and the passing of a bill to go with this week.

Next up…planning Science.