To be able to teach from a state of rest this year, it was imperative for me to have clear goals to strive for, rather than just aiming to finish certain books by a certain point.  I want to pause after every six weeks and see where we are with regards to the goals laid out before me.

goals for kindergarten.jpg

Goals for Kindergarten:

J-jo, going into kindergarten, is really working at 1st grade level and reading at even higher levels.  He is on-level for printing.

My goals for J-jo this year (not including memory work):

Language Arts:

  • Learn the parts of speech.
  • Learn to spell all the words in AAS 1 and 2.
  • Print neatly.
  • Continue doing oral summaries and narrations.
  • Write logical sentences.
  • Begin writing strong sentences through word choices (strong verbs and interesting adjectives).
  • Begin to discuss a book with regards to plot, characters, setting, climax, denouement, theme, etc.

Tools for achieving these goals:

  • Logic of English and AAS 1 and 2
  • WWE 1 for copywork (for the Print Neatly goal) and narration
  • Teaching the Classics


  • Measure accurately to the nearest quarter inch.
  • Recognize coins and knowing their values.
  • Add coins and make change
  • Memorize all the ways to make ten.
  • Add and subtract two-digit numbers (such as 15 + 7 or 14 – 8 ) and recognizing that numbers can be reorganized to make those questions simpler (15+7=20+2 or 14-8= 10-8+4)
  • The rest of the Singapore 1st grade table of contents, too! But the focus will be on the above.

Tools for achieving goals:

  • Singapore Math Standards Edition 1st grade scope and sequence
  • Education Unboxed videos and games
  • Righstart Math Games

History, Science, and Geography Goals:

  • Memorize the Veritas Press: Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation timeline.
  • Narrate all readings from these subjects.
  • Keep a timeline.
  • Learn about animals, botany, and the human body via Elemental Science Grammar Biology
  • Memorize the continents of the world and the countries in North America and possibly South America
  • Be able to draw a blob map of the world and label it from memory.

Tools for achieving goals:

  • VP Self-Paced History + Timeline Cards
  • Various readings from AO and RC History covering Ancients and Middle Ages.
  • Timeline Book from Sonlight
  • Elemental Biology
  • Montessori world map and North America Map
  • Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood Blob Mapping Printables (Google this and you will find link).


  • read Bible daily and pray
  • chores around the house – folding laundry, picking up clothes from floor as soon as they are taken off, etc.
  • attention, obedience, and self-control (My goal for him in this is wishy-washy because I just ordered Laying Down the Rails for Children and it hasn’t arrived yet. I will come back and flesh out this goal once I get some of that reading done.)

Tools for achieving goals:

  • Laying Down the Rails for Children

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