To be able to teach from a state of rest this year, it was imperative for me to have clear goals to strive for, rather than just aiming to finish certain books by a certain point.  I want to pause after every six weeks and see where we are with regards to the goals laid out before me.
Goals for second grade.jpg

Goals for Second Grade:

Bear, going into second grade, is really working above a second grade level.  The beauty of homeschooling is that she can work at her own level and not worry about the grade she should be in.

My goals for her this year (not including memory work):

Language Arts:

  • Learn and use 180 new vocabulary words.
  • Continue to practice diagramming sentences.
  • Continue doing written and oral summaries and narrations.
  • Write logical paragraphs (main idea + supporting sentences) on various topics using key word outlines.
  • Focus on writing strong sentences through word placement and vocabulary choices.
  • Use various writing strategies, such expanding her writing by using dialogue and details.
  • Discuss a book with regards to plot, characters, setting, climax, denouement, theme, etc.

Tools for achieving these goals:

  • English from the Roots Up and Marie’s Words
  • Sentences pulled from CAP Writing and Rhetoric for diagramming.
  • Writing with Ease every once in a while for summary and narration material.
  • mostly CAP Writing and Rhetoric Fable (we have two more lessons to go) and Narrative 1.
  • Teaching the Classics and MCT literature

Math: (my goal is to make it through Saxon 5/4 and half of 6/5, but the following are the specific skills I want her to have advanced in by the end of the year)

  • Become proficient at working with fractions and decimals, including reducing, using mixed and improper fractions, and operations with fractions.
  • Become proficient at multiplying and dividing large numbers.
  • And everything else in the Saxon table of contents!

Tools for achieving goals:

  • Saxon 5/4 and 6/5
  • Beast Academy
  • Rightstart level E
  • Singapore Math Challenging Word Problems

History, Science, and Geography Goals:

  • Memorize the Veritas Press: Middle Ages, Renaissance, and Reformation timeline.
  • Narrate all readings from these subjects.
  • Keep a timeline.
  • Learn about animals, botany, and the human body via Elemental Science Grammar Biology – there are poems to memorize through that program that I will expect her to know and understand.
  • Memorize all locations in CC Cycle 1, 2, and 3 maps.
  • Be able to draw a blob map of the world and label it from memory.

Tools for achieving goals:

  • VP Self-Paced History + Timeline Cards
  • Various readings from AO and RC History covering Ancients and Middle Ages.
  • Timeline Book from Sonlight
  • Elemental Biology
  • Classical Conversations Geography Trivium tables
  • Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood Blob Mapping Printables (Google this and you will find link).


  • read Bible daily and pray
  • chores around the house – folding laundry, picking up clothes from floor as soon as they are taken off, etc.
  • attention, obedience, and self-control (My goal for her in this is wishy-washy because I just ordered Laying Down the Rails for Children and it hasn’t arrived yet. I will come back and flesh out this goal once I get some of that reading done.)

Tools for achieving goals:

  • Laying Down the Rails for Children

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