homeschooling on the go must haves

Though we homeschool, we often find ourselves out of the house for field trips and co-ops, and other homeschool activities. Sometimes we take some school work with us on vacation, to the doctor’s office, or to anyplace where I know there will be a long wait.

There are three necessary pieces for this busy out-of-the-house-a-lot lifestyle:

1. a great bag (especially one with pockets),
2. a thermal lunch bag, and
3. a great BIG bag for when there’s just LOTS of stuff to carry.

The Great Bag

I fell in love with Thirty-One products my first year in Classical Conversations. My tutor friends all had the organizing totes and I loved the side pockets. Now the bag is even better because it is a Zip-top Organizing Utility Tote so you can close it. My bags do not close because they are the discontinued style, but I still love them and use them every day. The Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote is very versatile. I used it to store our school items when I was on bed rest so they were within easy reach and my husband could easily transport it to whichever couch or bed I happened to be. I took our towels to the pool in it all summer this year. I own two without the zipper that I bought on sale, meaning to give one away as a present, but it was just too useful to have two, and I kept both!

What draws me to this bag over and over are the side pockets – sippy cups and water bottles fit in it, my phone is easily accessible in a pocket, pencils and erasers nestled into a Mason jar fit in a pocket. The inside fits an Itso bin (or the Fold n File from Thirty-One) and a plethora of books.

There’s a similar bag that is a bit taller, called the All-Day Organizing Tote. It is the same width, but is both longer and taller. The great news is that for September only, you can get the All-Day Organizing Tote for $15 with every $35 spent!

It also has five pockets, four of which are interior pockets! It is the first Thirty-One tote to have built-in interior pockets.

  • two side mesh pockets
  • zipper pouch
  • open pocket behind the zipper pouch
The grommets allow the addition of the VERY handy Pocket-a-Tote. I just purchased one of those clear ones to keep the car keys and phone safe at the pool. It’s also handy for coupons, ID badges, pens, and much more. They come in fabric, too, and the fabric ones may be embroidered.
The Thermal Bag

Thirty-One has many thermal bag options, but it has a great Picnic Thermal tote that is a MUST have for a big family. My friend has four kids and she can fit her whole family’s lunch in it when they go out. It comes in lots of styles and keeps food warm OR cold. It’s great for soccer practices, field trips, and co-op lunches. I am hoping to get one soon:)



Here is a view of the roomy interior.

The Great Big Bag

If you have kids in sports or teach a co-op class, then a Great BIG Bag is also necessary. To give you an idea of it’s size, the Deluxe Utility Tote holds three paper shopping bags, Picnic Thermals or Fold N’ Files! You can even put smaller items in the three back pockets, and its sturdy webbed handles help you take your gear, supplies, or groceries inside. It also has the grommets for the Pocket-a-Tote. My friend and Thirty-One consultant, Erin, uses her deluxe utility bag to keep her three boys’ soccer gear organized. I am going to use mine to carry all my art supplies to our co-op class (instead of the cumbersome cardboard box I was using).

The Good News

I am hosting an online Thirty-One party for my readers. Place an order over $50 this week (thru September 23rd) through my event link and receive a Hang-It-Up Key Fob Grab bag as a thank you. You can use those for yourself or gift them to others. Do not put the key fob in your cart. Erin will automatically add them to your order and will try to choose a fabric that coordinates with the products in your order.

Remember that you can order an All-Day Organizing Tote for just $15 (normally $45) with a $35 order. By the way, $35 + the $15 All-Day Organizing Tote gets you to $50! That gets you a free key fob. Yay! 

I have also made a Thirty-One Organization Pinterest Board to give you even more ideas of ways to organize with Thirty-One products. My favorite is using the Deluxe Utility Tote as a napping place for a baby! Go check it out and make sure to place your orders before midnight EST on September 23rd, 2014!