I am so happy that Mary at Homegrown Learners worked so quickly to finish SQUILT Volume 2: Classical Era (affiliate link). We plan on continuing with SQUILT, though we are not even very far into SQUILT Volume 1 yet (read my review).  My kids and I love it, and Bear and J-jo can frequently be heard talking about the pieces they have heard so far.  I am learning so much about music history with my kids in a fun, non stressful way.  We sit, or lay, on the couch, snuggling, and listen to the pieces on You Tube and then talk about them, using information from the SQUILT volume. I’ve learned really neat, new things, like what is a chaconne.

Today is the release day for Volume 2 (affiliate link) and you can get it at a discounted price of $6.99 (just this week).  This is such a good deal for such a thorough music appreciation curriculum.

And although Mary generously gave me both volumes of SQUILT, I genuinely love the curriculum, as do my kids, and in no way has her generosity influenced my opinion of it.

If you purchase through my affiliate links, I get a small percentage back, at no cost to you, for helping Mary get the word out about her wonderful, easy-to-use, informative curriculum.  Thank you!