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J-jo has always loved Peter Rabbit and any stories in which the main characters are animals.  He was delighted to choose two Peter Rabbit books from Kinder Cottage Publishing.  There are currently ten titles.  “Can I choose all of them?” he wanted to know?  I told him we were being given two to review, and he finally narrowed down his choice to How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea and Peter Rabbit at the Farm.

 What is Kinder Cottage Publishing?

Kinder Cottage Publishing was started by husband and wife Howard and Ann, who want to ensure that their children grow up with a love of western civilization (literature, history, culture and Christian faith).    Their goal is to create and offer products that help parents educate their young children.

The Peter Rabbit books were were originally written by Duff Graham for the Henry Altemus Company over 90 years ago. The texts are in the public domain and Kinder Cottage Publishing has edited them to slightly modernize the text, such as changing words like velocipede to bicycle. None of the revisions change the meaning of the original stories, but they make it easier for a child to read and understand. The stories are ideal for ages 3-9, but vary in reading level so I recommend looking at the samples on the website. There are 10 books in the Peter Rabbit series and each book is just $4.00 through Kinder Cottage Publishing. (Or you can purchase all ten books for $30.) Currently, you can enter the code TOS at checkout and receive 20% off! (These books would make great stocking stuffers at this price!)

Each story features Peter Rabbit in a unique adventure. How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea is the fourth Peter Rabbit book, but Peter’s adventure at sea is referenced in Peter Rabbit at the Farm (the second book); consequently, chronologically, it makes more sense to read How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea first.  In Peter Rabbit at the Farm, Peter sneaks out of the house while his mother isn’t looking and gets into one pickle after another on McGregor’s farm. In How Peter Rabbit Went to Sea, Peter makes a little boat to sail on the river and ends up at sea meeting Grandaddy Whale and Sammy Seagull and having grand adventures.

How did we use the product?

The minute I saw the package in the mailbox, I ran to tell J-jo he had gotten mail and we opened it together.  He was ecstatic and just devoured both books right then and there! He didn’t want me to read them aloud yet.  Then his sister had a turn to read them. Later that evening, I read them aloud at bedtime.  I have read them to him several times at his request, and noticed him reading them multiple times.

If I were a unit study kind of mom, these books would be great as a jumping point.  I had intentions to do a few fun activities for each book, but never ended up doing so.  However, just think of the possibilities for sensory bins, craft activities, and Montessori-style trays of practical life activities!

What did we think of the books?

I like the books because they are hardcover, old-fashioned, classic stories.  The illustrations are beautiful and draw you into the story.  I especially love the smaller book size for small hands. The stories are sweet with a touch of humor.  We have enjoyed reading them aloud and using them for free reading.

Would I recommend Kinder Cottage Publishing?

I do recommend them if you are looking for inexpensive, quality hardcover books of classic stories.  I am excited about their history biography series of which their first title is Alfred the Great.  J-jo definitely wants more of the Peter Rabbit stories.  In fact, just the other day, he walked up to me with one of the books and said, “Mommy, you know we have book 2 and 4 (the numbers are on the spines).  When will we get book 1 and 3?”  Another day he asked if he could get all of them for his birthday.

We reviewed 2 of the ten books.  You can read about the other 8 books by clicking on the graphic below. And if you order, don’t forget about entering the code TOS at checkout to receive 20% off!

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