I’ve been making J-jo little pencil boxes (the ones for 49 cents at Walmart) to act out songs, poems, and books he loves.  Two I have made so far are Ask Mr. Bear and “The Farmer in the Dell.”

Ask Mr. Bear

I put in a Playmobil boy and woman, and all the animals listed in the story.  I used animals from our Montessori grammar farm and the bear came from one of our animal Toobs.   J-jo loves acting out the story.

“The Farmer in the Dell”

This is a song in one of the Sonlight P4/5 weeks.  We watched a youtube video of kids playing along with the song and since we don’t have enough kids in our family to play out the song, I gathered together a farmer, farmer wife, boy, and the animals from the song.  We didn’t have a rat or a cheese, so we got creative with a mini plastic dog to stand in for the rat and a piece of Lego for the cheese.

Here he is singing the song.

He was inspired to add a tractor from this You Tube video.