Uncle Andys

We borrowed Uncle Andy’s from the library and enjoyed it so much it is on our wish list to purchase. Can you imagine being related to Andy Warhol? Uncle Andy’s house was crammed with all kinds of things, and lots of cats, and was incredibly entertaining to visit as a child. The book tells the story of these visits at Uncle Andy’s house. The illustrations depict New York City in the 1960s and you can clearly see where Warhol got lots of his inspiration.  Note that the author is the young boy who visits Warhol in the city.

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Uncle Andy's Cats

While we haven’t read Uncle Andy’s Cats, it is by the same author as the former book and looks very promising.

Go-along Art Project:

warhol inspired trees

This project is a fun and simple one that can be done in a variety of media (markers, colored pencils, chalk or oil pastel, paint) as well as with a variety of simple shaped objects (trees, leaves, icecream cones, snowmen) so this is a project that can fit into any number of themes already concurrent in your schedule. Elements of art discussed are line and color, specifically contrasting colors that are opposite on the color wheel, but you can also focus on choosing cool and warm colors.

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