Picture Books:

I ordered Dali and the Path of Dreams for our geography co-op when we studied Spain and I am so glad I did. It captured our imaginations through the illustrations (which depict the dreams seen in Salvador Dali’s real paintings). We compared the illustrations to his paintings afterward and my kids loved to see the similarities. While it isn’t biographical, there is a short biographical note on the last page which was just the perfect length not to bore my 4 year old.

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Go Along Art Project:

We used watercolors and Sharpie markers to make a Dali-esque long-legged elephant, which were inspired from a Pinterest pin. We focused on learning about cool and warm colors and attempted gradations of color.

Daliesque elephants
Daliesque elephant 2
Corresponding Literature:

Another artist for Spain. Ferdinand, works in well while studying Dali. The Three Golden Oranges is a great one for those who have already read Ferdinand over and over. Those are our favorite books set in Spain. Any suggestions for new ones would be welcome!

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