Montesori Tot School

 I introduced J-jo to tongs this week. I went back through all my 18 to 22 month archives to see what activities I had done with Bear at those ages and found a bunch of things I still hadn’t done with J-jo.  Tongs was one of them.
Tonging Easter eggs.
 Spooning smaller eggs.
 Easter related activities on his shelf. Clothespin bunnies on a cardboard cutout of a carrot (re-purposed a cereal box for that), sorting colored eggs (have switched the eggs to little Easter themed erasers since this photo was taken), rabbit nesting egg, and carrot container (Dollar Tree) with ten buttons for counting.
Helping Mommy bake muffins.
I presented the pink tower to him.  I was impressed with how well he was able to stack the cubes, even though he was nowhere near the correct order.
 Outside time.
 “Helping” his sister play Reading Eggs while I cook supper.

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