Montessori Monday

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Bear’s Montessori work gets done when she is bored during free time or as a choice in replacement of certain workboxes (for example, she can opt out of Singapore, Miquon, or Rightstart – haha still looking for the right fit for us – and choose Montessori math instead).  It’s fun to see what she chooses now that it isn’t our main curriculum.  As I posted earlier, I just can’t seem to keep up with the presentations for Bear with all the TOS reviews and feel out of my comfort zone as she approaches the elementary level.  Even though, I would ideally love to continue with Elementary Montessori, I feel “safer” going to something a little more prescribed – and, of course, I can always (and most likely will) tweak it.  Besides, the beauty of homeschooling is that we can choose what works best and gives us the least stress, parent or child!

Inspired by Discovery Days and Montessori Moments, Bear used the metal insets to make a gingerbread house and then proceeded to add the Holy family in it.  There was a bit of a meltdown about not having placed the house high enough to place the wise men in front of baby Jesus, but she came up with her own solution that the wise men had already gone and had left their gifts instead.
 She chose to do extensions with the broad stair and pink tower several times.
All About Spelling.  I am so glad I bought this curriculum.  We LOVE it.  Even Bear loves it.  The letter tiles are like the moveable alphabet, but the program itself teaches spelling rules.  I happen to be a naturally good speller and wouldn’t know those rules.  I also like how it teaches a child ALL the sounds a letter makes.  For example, the letter a has the sounds /a/ like in cat, /ae/ like in cake, and also /aw/ like in water.  The phonogram “ch” doesn’t just include /ch/ like in church, but also /k/ like in school, and /sh/ like in, well, I can’t think of one right now, but it does have a /sh/ sound too.  I like that there is a script for me to follow, and how you can progress at your own pace.  Even though it is structured and scripted, it has allowed Bear to be creative as she loves coming up with alternative phrases and sentences for dictation.  (I get a small commission if you decide to purchase AAS through the above link or the one on the sidebar.  Thank you if you decided to use it.)
Her favorite way to do the word lists, phrases and sentences is on the erasable lap board using alternate colors. She reversed her z in zero.so it looks wrong.
She loves to choose the hundred board. She works on it in random order, although occasionally needs help doing so.
 On another day, she went out of her way to try to find them in order.
 She loves Dreambox and is already in the second grade level in the games.  Here she is playing a maze game in which she has to complete certain tasks (like find mushrooms and escape from trolls) before exiting the maze.  She only has a certain amount of moves to do this in.

One morning I discovered all the president cards laid out in order on the floor.

She did an internal organs three part cards and a booklet (from Montessori Print Shop).

 She still loves booklets.  I just found a poinsettia one (thank you, Jenevra) and printed it out for this coming week, totally forgetting to jot down the link.  Sigh.  If any one has seen it and can let me know the link in a comment; I would love to pass it on.
Bear found this work of matching the state cards to the state quarters.  We’d done it together last year.  It’s fun when she rediscovers a work from the past and chooses it of her own volition.
 We did a lot of Homeschool Creations Gingerbread Baby printables just for fun and also the Five Senses Gingerbread man book that she’s been doing since she was 2!  She loves this every year.  I posted more about it in my Tot School post.
 She and J-jo had so much fun decorating this.  We had saved all their Halloween candy to decorate the kit house I had purchased.
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