Montessori Monday

So much of what we do in the Montessori classroom repeats itself week after week.  I try to include new things we’ve done or new discoveries we’ve made in these posts.
We had fun recently playing with penguins again.  Bear used the slotted spoon to get the penguins out of a bowl full of ice and water.
Visual discrimination activities are important pre-reading activities.  Even though Bear is already reading, I thought it would be good for her to do this.  I cut security envelopes I had been saving into squares of the same size, making sure I had two squares of each pattern.
Bear surprised me the other day by not being able to isolate ending sounds.  I used a train to help her visualize what I meant.  I am learning that Bear is a very visual learner like me.
She also surprised me by suddenly not “getting” rhymes (which she used to understand at 18 months to a few months ago so I don’t know what happened).  It seems like suddenly she is hung up over beginning sound as she told me that cat and cake rhymed because she could hear “c” in both.  We’ve been playing memory using rhyming card pictures lately, but what has helped the most has been having her spell the words with the moveable alphabet and see if they “look” the same after the beginning consonant(s).  This was another indicator to me that Bear is very visual.  When I listen to people speaking Spanish (not my native language) I have to be able to see the words in my head to understand what they are saying.  Thinking about this is what gave me the idea to spell the words for Bear to see.
Size discrimination.  Bear has to evaluate the size cylinder she will need to make the tower match the colored circles. 

She did a magnetic/non magnetic sort again one night while I made dinner and declared that the clothespin was both, so I got out a Venn diagram quickly to show her how we can sort things that have both qualities.

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