Montessori Monday

 We were blessed with some really good Montessori work periods last week.  Here are some of the highlights.


J-jo worked on the number rods with me.  We combined it with the counting cards I reviewed here, which he had chosen from the shelf.  He was able to match the numeral to the numeral on each card (on the reverse of the cards, not shown in the photo).
 Bear worked on the stamp game – dynamic subtraction.  She can do these alone now.


Bear enjoyed the pink tower and broad stair, creating her own extension.
 And working on her favorite traditional extension as well.
 They cooperated to return them to their spots, each carrying the next one in the correct order.  I was impressed with J-jo’s ability to do this without his sister telling him which block came next.

J-jo tried to put this away.  I had left it out like this as an invitation.  He got frustrated. It was too hard for him.  Bear was going to do it, but she was working on her pink tower stuff and I couldn’t help myself.  I LOVE the knobbed cylinders.
 J-jo likes the binomial cube.  He can almost do it alone in the box.
 Bear was up to the challenge of trying to complete the binomial and trinomial out of the box.  Mission accomplished!  First she practiced the trinomial in the box, because it had been a long time since she had last done this.
 And on another day, to make sure she could still do it.