Practical Life

 Pouring. I love these little pitchers from Montessori Services.
 Wiping a spill with a cloth.
 Working with “tools.”
Spooning flat marbles into a silicon ice cube tray.  This reinforces one-to-one correspondence (except for the fact that in this photo, he is adding a second marble to one spot).
 Threading buttons onto a pipe cleaner.
 Knobbed cylinders.  He tried two at once but left part way through and came back to it later.
 Sorting the fish by color. (Mommy ends up doing it because he is just like Bear in that he is not into sorting.)
 Catching a fish.  This is a great game.

 Stacking pegs.
 Playing with cotton balls.  He was supposed to be using them for painting, but as you can see below, he didn’t think very highly of painting with cotton swabs and cotton balls!

 Geometric Cabinet demonstration tray. We did the first and second lesson of the three period lessons. 
First part: “This is a triangle.”
Second part: “Can you show me the triangle?”
The third part would be to have him name the shape.  He still isn’t there verbally.
 Playing with homemade moon sand.
Pushing marbles and golf tees into play dough.