I need to say that the “first novel finished” I posted about wasn’t really our “first” as I had forgotten we had read two Magic Tree House books before that.   After all the comments about The Magic Tree Hosue books, I was reminded of our two reads.  Although I like the Magic Tree House books, I at times find them a bit formulaic and contrived.  I prefer to balance them out with other novels in between.  A great novel we just read was Emmaline and the Bunny.  It was very onomatopoeic, which made it fun to read aloud.  The story is cute.  Emmaline really wants a bunny, but the mayor of the Neatasapin has run all the animals out of the town because he does not like mess.  I liked how the story subtly showed how important nature is.  It would be a good fiction book to go along with a study of rabbits as Emmaline needs to “make an invitation” to the bunny by creating its habitat in her backyard.

An Egg Is Quiet is beautifully illustrated and shares some interesting information about eggs.  I think this would have been a good book to have during our bird study.  We read it a few weeks back.  Although Bear didn’t ask for it over and over again (she hardly does for non fiction books), she enjoyed our read of it and liked pointing out the different eggs.

The Perfect Gift by Mary Newell DePalma was one of Bear’s favorites.  In the story Lori the lorikeet finds a strawberry for her grandmother, only to lose it in the river.  How will she save her strawberry for grandma?  There is a neat twist near the end and I was actually surprised by it.  It’s a story about working together to find a solution that saves the day.

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