I’m joining in Sarah’s “Most” Posts link-up at Amongst Lovely Things.  If you don’t already read Sarah’s blog, I highly recommend it.  It’s one of my favorites.  

Post with the most clicks

Classical Conversation Review – This must come up a lot in Google searches for reviews of Classical Conversations.  Classical Conversations wasn’t a good fit for us and you can read why at that post.

Post with the most comments
It’s actually the same post as above.  My second runner is from March, which happened after a long hiatus from blogging.

Post with the best picture

This photo from this post.  I love his look of concentration.

Post that was hardest to write

Grieving My Angels because it was very personal.  I considered not even writing it, but one of my goals this year is to be more transparent in my blogging and a bit more philosophical and scholarly. Remembering God is in Control is a close second.  It’s always hard to know how much to share online and these personal posts are hard.

Post that was your personal favorite (not your readers’ favorite- your favorite)

I don’t really have a favorite this year.  I didn’t blog as much this year so I have less to pull from.  I do enjoy writing my Friday Five posts.  I like the challenge of having to limit myself to five favorites.