Here are some of our ocean-themed trays.  I do have more project-oriented ideas, but don’t know if we will get to them.  I’ll post as we do things.
Matching shells to shell outlines (I traced the shells on cardstock).
 Sorting shells.

(more for J-jo than Bear)
Counting with one-to-one correspondence.  These shells ended up replacing the ping pong and golf balls at this water station.
 So this became the counting and one-to-one correspondence work.
Matching the plastic animals to the classification cards I made.

 Our pretend game was to go fishing for fish. The fish were under the silk shawl, but Bear had just finished getting them all and we were just finishing counting them by five (in French).  These items are kept in a basket by our calendar and they can play with them whenever they like.
 I wrote out the French words for some ocean animal stickers I had and had Bear find the stickers as I read her the words.