Our new favorite books

We received some new books from Tiger Tales a few weeks ago and I have been too busy to mention them.  But here are a few of our new favorite books.

A Little Bit of Love by Cynthia Platt

 Bear loves to bake and eat cookies and cake so she always loves to read books about baking, cookies, and cakes. In this book, sweet little mice set out to make a special treat because the little mouse is tired of eating cheese day in and day out.  This book reminds me a bit of another favorite book Pancakes, Pancakes! by Eric Carle because the characters have to gather all the ingredients from the source.  It is great for children to see exactly from where our food comes – milk does not just appear in the grocery store, but is given to us by the cow.  I especially loved this line, “When you work that hard, you surely put some love into it,” because I want to instill in my children a love for doing their best work, a work of love.  The illustrations are exquisite watercolors and who can resist a fuzzy mouse on the cover?  Bear and I love this book.  
Roly-Poly Egg by Kali Stileman
This is one of J-jo’s favorites.  He loves the bright colors.  The roly-poly egg falls off the branch and goes on an adventure, meeting a slew of animals – giraffe, zebra, crocodile, elephant, monkey – all of J-jo’s favorites.  The best part is the lift the flap at the end, which reveals the chick inside.  And I enjoy how the ending mirrors the beginning. 

One Little Blueberry by Tammi Salzano

Another bright and colorful book, with the illustrations done in watercolor, One Little Blueberry is a cute little counting book with a surprise ending.  I like when counting books actually tell a story.  I have enjoyed reading this over and over to J-jo.  Bear likes it as well because she loves stories told in rhyme.   It’s a good book to add if you are doing an insect theme as many insects are featured in it (though it wouldn’t be a book to learn about these insects, but to look at insects from an artistic perspective).

My Mom Has X-ray Vision by Angela McAllister

If you were to buy just one book in this list, this would be my recommendation. All kids can relate to the feeling that their mom can see through walls.  It is a book loved by both my children.  Surprisingly, J-jo will sit through it even though it is long for his age.  He is always pulling it off the shelf and bringing it to me to read to him.  There is something about the cat illustration that really grabs his attention and he looks for the cat on every page.  Bear likes it because “it is funny! The mommy always knows what he is doing when he is being naughty.” I like seeing the illustrations and how they explain just how the mom can know what her son is doing even though he is in a different room.  If you don’t look at the side illustration, you really do think she has x-ray vision!

Disclaimer: Tiger Tales provided these books; however, the opinions of the books are my own honest opinions.  I truly am enjoying reading these books over and over to my children.  I would enjoy them even if they had come from the library or been bought with my own money.

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