Books to go with the row of Goodnight Moon.
 Books to go with upcoming apple theme (and row of How to Make and Apple Pie and See the World).
 Pink tower.  He was proud:)  He’ll figure it out eventually.
 He’s much better at the stairs.
 Meanwhile Bear was working on dynamic addition (addition with carrying).  She gets this.  She does not like this work though. 
 J-jo moved on to hammering tees, but decided the hammer wasn’t very handy.
 He used our Goodnight Moon Sensory Tub a lot.  I added some number tiles and we counted objects in the bin.
 I added cards from Homeschool Share for him to match objects too.  I added a few more objects too.
 I was helping Bear with something and turned around to see this!  “Me dusting,” he announced. Yikes! I quickly showed him a “dustier” place to dust!
 Maybe he’ll be a future chef?  He loves to help me cook.  He can pretty much do all the steps of a lasagna himself if I supply the ingredients.
 On another day, Bear led him through his colors and shapes songs from his Sing Along Flip Chart.  She does this while I do dishes some mornings.
 Bear sometimes disappears and then I remember to look behind the armchair where we have this cozy reading corner for them.
 They painted phases of the moon.  Bear cut her moons out while I cut J-jo’s.  Then they glued (J-jo had lots of help) and labeled using the French words for the phases.
 Phases of the moon three part cards, rabbit three part cards (homemade), and a nocturnal/diurnal sort (from Spell Outloud).
 We got our stamp game part way through the week and Bear was happy to have a change from the golden bead material. This is the initial presentation in which the child learns the equivalents.  It isn’t much of a stretch since they have already matched the beads to the number tiles.
Here Bear is building a number with the tiles instead of the golden beads.  “I love this so much better than the golden beads, Mommy!” she said.  Yet she didn’t really want to build more than 3 numbers.
 J-jo worked on the clock numbers while I presented the stamp game.
 Changing the calendar to September.
 J-jo working on the nocturnal/diurnal sort.  He is only really sure of the owl and the butterfly.  He usually leaves his work after placing those two.
 Working on All About Spelling lesson (the first of the second book).
 Bear decided she wanted to draw a map of the schoolroom.  She quickly got frustrated because her drawing didn’t look like what she was envisioning so I suggested I draw the schoolroom for her while she told me where to draw what.  She then painted the map.
 Apple prints to show the star in the middle of the apple – learning the word carpel – the hole where the seed resides.
Washing snack (grapes).
We got a really good work day in today(Thursday) – a three hour work period.  It felt great.  I hope tomorrow will be a repeat of that. Our Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays we are so busy with other things that we don’t get a large chunk of uninterrupted school time so right now Thursdays and Fridays are our only true Montessori days (this is okay because Bear is too young for reporting for homeschooling). When she gets old enough to report (age 6 in our state), I will make sure we hit the required amount of days and hours:)