matissePicture Books:

There are so many good Henri Matisse books!

Henri’s Scissors by Jeannette Winter is lyrically written, and the acrylic and cut-paper illustrations are evocative of Henri’s art with their organic shapes and bright colors.

Laurence Anholt also has a Matisse story called Matisse the King of Color. This is the story of a nurse who comes to take care of Matisse while he is ill later in life. The nurse moves to a convent and the rest of the story tells how Matisse designed and constructed the stained glass for the chapel of the convent. The chapel really exists in Vence, in the South of France.

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Go Along Art Project:

Cut paper art is lots of fun and this is a project you can do with really little kids even if you end up cutting the shapes for them, which is what I did when Bear was 19 months.

Then later, Bear was still really interested in Matisse and we were inspired by Beasts of the Sea to do this project.

Corresponding Literature:

Nancy Elizabeth Wallace’s books are illustrated with cut-paper images. We’ve used a lot of her books for science themes. Some of her titles include Leaves! Leaves! Leaves!, Seeds! Seeds! Seeds!, Pond Walk, and Pumpkin Day! There are a ton more titles. She even has an art appreciation one called Look! Look! Look! that teaches you things to notice in a painting. These are favorites at our house.

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