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Outside my Window
Lots of sunshine, which allows for fun outdoor things like hiking and swimming.

Giving Thanks
That I have been able to make it to daily Mass for three weeks now.  It does give me less time for blogging though!
J-jo and I are now free of Lyme disease as of Friday’s appointment and we’ll find out about Bear’s Lyme disease next week.  We were at a Mass for the anointing of the sick on Wednesday and I went up to be anointed because of some tummy trouble and almost didn’t have the kids go up until I suddenly remembered the Lyme disease!  It’s uncommon to be rid of Lyme disease so quickly so we are extremely thankful for this blessing!

I am Thinking About
How to be a better parent, how to raise my kids to love God and be more saintly, and trying not to think about how much we would all love to have another baby.  Trying not to.  But this photograph sends me to my knees begging God to bless us with another, especially for these two’s sake.

Bear still has a good cry about once a week that her brothers are in Heaven and she doesn’t get to play with them and love on them on earth. Look how happy she is to hold Samuel! And how gentle and motherly she looks in this next one.

In the schoolroom
We moved the schoolroom back to the dining room so that Bear could have the schoolroom as her room and my husband could have Bear’s room for his office.  The addition of another server for work in his tiny walk-in closet sized office was making his workspace literally an inferno that no amount of air conditioning could alleviate.  It’s still a mess, with books everywhere.

I am creating
Our year plan for our next school year.  Trying to keep it simple by mostly using Ambleside Online, but dabbling a bit with Pam’s schedules and checklists from her Plan Your Year Package and Extension Package.

I don’t ever want to forget
Snuggles with my children.  Bear’s poems to Jesus.  J-jo imitation of all things said and done by Bear.  J-jo’s grin at me.

Their hugs telling me everything is going to be okay (they are quick to see if a thought of Samuel and Noah crosses my mind). The kids playing Mass one morning.  I went to early Mass and let them (including my husband) sleep in and came home to the end of their Mass.

I am working on
Waiting on God and being patient about it.

Teaching From Rest
Also I am working on being a better parent and Teaching From Rest, Sarah Mackenzie’s book – an expanded form of her twelve posts from her series at Amongst Lovely Things – has been pivotal in that effort.  Sarah offers spiritual and practical advice on what it means to teach from rest.  (And she doesn’t mean getting more sleep!) She encourages us to be worthy of imitation and reminds us that what we are doing is bigger than our children’s test scores.  What I especially love is the Audio Companion – nearly four hours of conversations with Andrew Kern, Dr. Christopher Perrin, Cindy Rollins, and Brandy Vencel.  I keep pausing as I listen to jot wisdom down in my commonplace book. The book is on sale for a special launch week.  So go check it out!

Plus, Sarah has offered my readers a chance to win a bundle of the book, the printable companion journal, and the audio companion.  Check out Sarah’s page about her book Teaching From Rest and then just leave a comment here below for your chance to win.