Reader Question Answered

Here’s a great comment I received yesterday:

I’m confused (after reading your 2012/2013 plans). Are you participating in CC in the the year to come? If so, what purpose does it serve in your homeschooling? (enhancement, core, socialization, etc.) Have you done any posts on how you balance CC with other curricula (I noticed you use a considerable amount of other curricula; would like to, but I don’t want to burn me or my children out so I’m always curious as to how others manage the balance.) Thanks much. Blessings, Toni on Classical Conversations Cycle 2 and Montessori Print Shop Match-Ups

I’m sorry for any confusion.  I hadn’t been ready to say that we are not joining a CC community in the fall. Our decision at the point of writing a couple of my past posts was just not finalized. I know some will wonder why we aren’t continuing in our community.  I  just really want a fifth day for our leisure, as opposed to having it be a day of rushing in the morning to get somewhere.  I want a day to follow our hearts’ desires, be it a hike, an art project, a day just for science, music appreciation.

I will still be blogging about CC to some extent, but not like before.  We will still do memory work, but it will be a strange mix of CC memory work, CC inspired memory work, memory work derived from First Language Lessons, and memory work from the book Living Memory.  My friend and I have undertaken a huge project to summarize, in three to four sentences, each CC timeline cards for our new history memory work for our children.  We were both dissatisfied with the memory work for history as written in the CC guide.  It jumped around too much and in Cycle 1, there would be a question, like, “Tell me about Buddhism,” and the answer included Taoism and Hinduism.  Stuff like that bugged us a bit.

So, we are using other curricula (because I don’t consider CC a curriculum, but rather a method) and will add memory work that is within context of what we are learning within that curricula.  I just don’t fully agree with memorization out of context.  To some extent, but not completely.

I still love CC, but I need that fifth day and I am not willing to bend on some of my curriculum choices.  Since I won’t be in a community, why not go ahead and tweak our memory work so it fits better for us?