Some Turkey Activities

 Bear has been enjoying her button turkey that was inspired by My Montessori Journey’s turkey.

 Today she did an impromptu craft.  She traced and cut out the circle herself and added some ellipses I had already cut out.  The bottom two yellow ones are the turkey’s feet “covered in snow.”  And the one red feather that’s tucked in is because “the turkey is shivering and tucking it in to keep warm.”

We dance around the turkeys singing,
“Ring around a turkey,
Big and fat and round.
Wobble, wobble, gobble, gobble,
We all fall down!”
We’ve enjoyed A Plump and Perky Turkey
a lot the past few nights too.
Here’s a good coloring sheet with the parts of the turkey. 
And I didn’t realize that the turkey we eat is white, not brown and speckled the way turkeys are portrayed in literature!