I haven’t fully mapped out our music appreciation for the year, but I will be continuing what we began in the spring with our Bach and Handel composer studies.

One resource that will help direct our appreciation of music is SQUILT. (affiliate link)  SQUILT is short for Super Quiet Uninterrupted Listening Time. Mary Prather, who has an undergraduate degree in Music Education, and a Masters Degree in Education, wrote this curriculum to help moms (and dads) who have no musical background teach music to their children.

(disclosure: I received a copy of SQUILT free to review)

Even though I do have some musical background, I am super happy to have the 10 lessons in the first volume, Baroque Music to give us direction and to help me have better discussions about the music with my children. Most of all, I am thrilled that it is all done for me and all I have to do is print and the first ten weeks of Music Appreciation will be ready for me to teach.  For a mom on bed rest, this is fantastic! I’m praying Mary finishes Volume 2 by the time we get to week 10 so I can have something for the next ten weeks!

I printed out the notebooking pages and the definitions and bound them into a book using my new Proclick.

The response sheet can actually be used with any piece of music.
My favorite part of her curriculum are the posters she has made explaining musical terms.  Adventures in Mommydom mentioned laminating these and putting them up on the school room wall and I think I may just have to do that!

I haven’t had a chance to try out a lesson with the kids yet, because friends have kindly been taking them out on various play dates while I lay in bed, but Bear has shown interest in getting started with these lessons.  Our first day back will be August 5th and I will be sure to post if it lived up to expectations – I’m expecting it will.  I like what I see so I became an affiliate.  If you decide you like SQUILT, and buy through my affiliate link, I will get a small percentage back, which I will use toward our next volume of SQUILT. (Thank you if you use that link.)

Not sure if SQUILT is for you?  Mary has some free SQUILT lessons on her blog, Homegrown Learners, so you can try it first.