summer daybook.jpg Outside my Window

A garden full of green plants. We planted zucchini, cucumber, pumpkins, and basil.  Our rosemary and strawberries from last year are doing well.

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Giving Thanks
For weekday Masses, for the anointing of the sick, for swimming in the pool and hanging out with friends, for headaches that can be offered up, for acupuncture treatments and homeopathy, for a friend moving back near us, and for lots of other things.

I am Thinking About
How to be a better parent (because there is always room for improvement!), how to raise my kids to love God and be more saintly.  Also pondering what to write about here.  It just seems that whenever I think of a blog post, I discover a similar one right before I sit down to write it.  I don’t see the point in writing about what has already been written about.

In the schoolroom
We moved the schoolroom back to the dining room so that Bear could have the schoolroom as her room and my husband could have Bear’s room for his office.  The addition of another server for work in his tiny walk-in closet sized office was making his workspace literally an inferno that no amount of air conditioning could alleviate.  It’s still a mess, with books everywhere.  I thought I could get it under control while the kids were at camp this past week, but too many other things prevented me from getting to it.

From the Kitchen
I discovered this great granola bar recipe from Kitchen Stewardship.  I switch out half the butter to coconut oil because coconut oil is better for you but I like the taste of the bars better with butter.

I am creating
Our year plan for our next school year.  Trying to keep it simple.  Outsourcing a few things.

I don’t ever want to forget
Snuggles with my children.  Bear’s poems and songs to Jesus and Mary.  J-jo’s imitation of all things said and done by Bear.  J-jo’s grin at me.  Their hugs telling me everything is going to be okay (they are quick to see if a thought of Samuel and Noah crosses my mind). The kids playing Mass one morning – I went to early Mass and let them (including my husband) sleep in and came home to the end of their Mass.

I am working on
being a better (calmer) homeschooling parent and Teaching From Rest, Sarah Mackenzie’s book has been pivotal in that effort.  She talks about doing less, not being enslaved to the curriculum, reminds us to think about whose “well done” we are looking for, that are kids are reflections of the Almighty, valuing the kind of mom and teacher you are (that is, not panicking that you haven’t made a salt dough map with your kids or the most recent craft in your Pinterest feed), and much more.

I am reading
Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  This Ain’t the Lyceum recently posted NFP PSA ASAP about how every women should learn NFP while she is still single, and I agree with her.

I am also trying to read through a whole stack of books.  I only get a bit of time each day so the reading is slow.  My priority right now has been to plan next year and to tame my angry boy.  He is 95% calm and 5% volatile, but that 5% is exhausting me and leaves me with no energy for anything.  Someone mentioned this might be his way of dealing with the stillborn twins.

I am praying
for a several private intentions.

I am struggling

My husband and I had to make a very hard decision regarding competitive gymnastics for Bear.  She made the developmental program after trying out last year and has had a year and a half of it.  She did well at the end of the year meet, placing 2nd place, and moved up a level.  The thing is, the next level meets twice a week for 2.5 hours EACH time.  J-jo is just getting the short end of the stick and spending inordinate amounts of time at the gym (we live too far from it to drive home in between).  We had to decide if gymnastics was worthy enough to warrant sacrificing chunks of time out of J-jo’s life (in which he could be riding his bike and doing other active things and not sitting watching his sister get to do active things) and decided it wasn’t. Bear loves gymnastics so it was not an easy thing to decide.

I am hearing
Sarah’s Read Aloud Revival and re-listening to the Audio Companion from her book Teaching From Rest.  I love that Audio Companion.  Those interviews are fantastic.  You can listen to the one with Andrew Kern at the CiRCE website for free.

Clicking around
Candace has a great Planning Links to help kick start your new school year.   Sarah just wrote a sneak peak at her planning for next year.

Planning mode is in full gear here, though I am also trying to keep up some summer schooling.  I am excited about some emptiness in the schedule that leaving gymnastics will give us.

A Photo

I found a scorpion upstairs on Monday. At first I thought it was a piece of thread (I am a bit nearsighted) and when I leaned over to take a closer look, I realized what it truly was!  It was a bit traumatic:)  My husband came to kill it and then I took a photo.